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Yoshi is one of the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom, and one of the friends of Mario and Luigi. It belongs to the species of


and his brothers has often helped in his homeland “Yoshi Iceland“. He was also often involved when it came to defeat Bowser.

In his earlier adventures he has Mario, when he himself was still a baby, and Baby Luigi protected and saved from Baby Bowser, Kamek and the Koopa Troop, and Shy Guys and other nasty opponents.

His very first appearance was in Super Mario World.
He is represented in many sports and fun shows like the Mario Kart series or Mario Party series. In the sports games, he is mostly a nimble lightweight or an all-rounder.

Yoshi is one of the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom and is a friend of Mario, Luigi, Peach and Birdo. He is a member of Yoshi, which are available in various Fabren. Yoshi was often there to defeat Bowser. He used to Baby Mario and Baby Luigi Bowser before and Kamek saved and protected. Yoshi is also represented in numerous sports Mario and Mario Party games.

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The name Yoshi falls mostly in the context of the video game series Super Mario, he is at home on Yoshi Iceland. Initially used as a mount, Yoshi developed over time into a unique character and got in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Iceland for the first time awarded a standalone hero role. The most famous Yoshi has the color green and occurs in most games as “original Yoshi”, but in some games, such as “Yoshi Iceland” or the Super Smash Bros. parts also occur differently colored counterparts, each of these different colored Yoshis also has his favorite fruit.

The name Yoshi enstand well as rime on the name of the Loch Ness monster, Nessie, which is pronounced in Japan “Neschie”. A striking feature of Yoshi’s appearance are mainly the big nose and the raised, almost stalk shaped ausschau end, eyes. He is, as you can absolutely expect from a dinosaur not no monster, but only a few centimeters larger than Mario. Since Yoshi on 2 legs is on the way, his tail helps him spurts to keep the balance, also Yoshi has 2 boots. On his back wearing any Yoshi a kind of saddle, which is a remnant Yoshis proper function, the transport of Mario, Yoshi also has 2 hands and a strong tongue, which is reminiscent of a frog.

With this tongue swallowed Yoshi not only some fruit, but also some enemies, which it converts into a split second in egg shells. However, this is only far Yoshis special ability, so he is able, wide trenches, which are too large for normal jumps to cross by kicking his legs, this gives him a boost upward, whereby the distance Yoshi can travel in the air increases. Furthermore, it is Yoshi possible to transform into many things, for example in a submarine or in a locomotive, but this later. Since his first appearance in Super Mario World in 1990 Yoshi is no longer herauszudenken from the Mario universe.

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